Automobiles – The Backbone of a Global Industry Worth Trillions of Dollars


A vehicle used for transporting passengers, typically with four wheels and a powered engine propelled by internal combustion of a volatile fuel. The scientific and technical building blocks of the automobile have roots that go back several hundred years. It is one of the most ubiquitous of modern technologies and the mainstay of a global industry worth trillions of dollars.

CAN MAKE THE WORLD A BIGGER PLACE: The availability of the automobile allows people to travel greater distances more quickly and easily than ever before. This opens up more jobs and locations to choose from, it broadens social interactions, expands leisure activities, and increases access to goods and services.

The automobile revolutionized the ways in which people live, work, and play. It became an essential tool for modern life, making the daily tasks of working and errands much easier. The automobile also brought many new problems, such as pollution, traffic congestion and safety.

Modern automobiles are made up of complex technical systems with specific design functions that have evolved from technological breakthroughs and advances in materials, such as high-strength steels and advanced alloys of nonferrous metals. The automobile industry is responsible for many innovations in industrial manufacturing, including the development of assembly lines, and the advancement of new techniques and equipment to improve passenger comfort and safety. Today’s cars are faster, more spacious and safer than their predecessors, and more fuel-efficient, too. They are also more reliable and easier to maintain than ever before.

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