How to Write News

News is factual information that informs and captures the attention of an audience. It can be delivered in a variety of ways from traditional print sources like newspapers and news magazines, to electronic media such as television and radio or through the Internet. It can be sober, in-depth journalism or impassioned commentary that is designed to make a statement about the world around us.

When a news story is written, it is important to think about its intended audience. This is the demographic that will be most interested in the story and its topic. Identifying a specific demographic will help you focus your research and create an effective news article that has the potential to be shared online.

Whether it is hard or soft news, it is important to remember that the first paragraph of a news story is most critical and should contain the most pertinent information. If you think of a pyramid turned upside down, the base would be the most critical information in a news story while the rest of the information is spread out in the other “buckets.”

A well-written news story will be impactful to its audience because it will involve something they can relate to in their day-to-day lives. It will incorporate some element of controversy or public debate, be timely (as in involving events that have happened recently), involve a celebrity or be located close to home. Also, a strange or unexpected element in a news story can add to its appeal and draw in readers.

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