The Importance of News


News is the information that tells us of current events taking place around us. It keeps us informed about what is happening locally, nationally and internationally. It also provides insights into various topics like history, culture and politics.

People are interested in News as it enables them to understand the world around them. It can also inform them about different perspectives on certain issues which help them to make choices in their daily lives. News consists of a variety of stories including war, government, economy, health, education and the environment. It can also include famous people, their achievements and failures. It can even include sex and entertainment.

A news story can be either hard or soft, but it must always be interesting. It must contain a human angle and be timely. It must have some element of shock and controversy. It must also be a story which involves a local, national or international figure.

Stories about celebrities, their children or pets are of interest to the public as are those about sports. People are also interested in the weather as it influences their daily activities. Stories about food shortages or gluts, crops and harvest sizes and prices of food in the market are of interest to the audience as well.

It is important for journalists to know their audience in order to decide what to write about. This knowledge helps them to choose the right stories and gives them the right tone and voice. It is important to have the top stories featured above the fold in a newspaper or on the first page of an online news site. This ensures that the most important news is seen by the greatest number of people.

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