Traveling and Hotels

Whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, the hotel industry has always been an integral part of American life. Hotels are not just places to stay; they serve as crucial links between destinations and activities. This is why they are often located in strategic locations.

They are also useful for travelers with special needs. They can offer services like a free meal plan, rental car memberships, and meeting space. They are especially helpful during busy travel seasons.

The hotel industry has grown in recent years. It has been an important player in the postwar economic recovery. It also has been a major factor in the increase in tourism in the United States. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that the hotel industry grew by almost $17 billion last year.

The hotel industry has also been a part of the development of the interstate highway system. This, in turn, helped spur the growth of commercial travel.

While the relationship between travel and hotels has been around for centuries, the advent of the automobile and the development of organized labor helped push the industry to its greatest heights.

The success of the hotel industry fueled a three-decade economic boom. This boosted incomes and encouraged Americans to venture abroad.

The development of the interstate highway system and the rise of the automobile gave the hotel industry new national prominence. The hotel industry also helped to stimulate the postwar economy. It was the hotel industry that helped to make it possible for millions of Americans to afford paid vacations.

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