Types of Relationships


A relationship is a type of relationship that involves both physical and emotional intimacy. Often, the intimacy is sexual, but it can be non-sexual. The following are some types of relationships. Each type has its own set of important characteristics. An intimate relationship is one of the most important types of relationships. It should be viewed as a serious commitment from both parties.

Interpersonal attraction is a different form of attraction than physical attraction, and it can lead to both friendships and romantic relationships. This type of attraction is known as new relationship energy, and typically involves heightened emotional receptivity, sexual receptivity, and excitement. Relationships with unequal benefits or costs can lead to feelings of guilt and dissatisfaction for the recipient.

Healthy relationships are characterized by equal giving and taking, and a sense of trust. This includes making time for one another and remembering small details about each other’s lives. Healthy relationships also allow for growth and change, and are mutually supportive. While you should respect your partner’s wishes, it is also important to keep yourself in good shape.

Some relationships end after infidelity, but the vast majority of relationships survive after betrayal. Daily threats, lack of intimacy, and criticism can also end a relationship.

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