What is Fashion?


Fashion is a prevailing style of dress or other form of expression, which varies from person to person and changes over time. It also varies between cultures and social classes. The term is often used to refer to clothing, but it can also be applied to hairstyles, accessories, and even lifestyles.

The fashion industry is a massive business, and trends are created daily by millions of people who design, sew, glue, dye, transport, and sell clothes. Designers, who are responsible for creating new fashion styles, make millions if not billions in profit. Some argue that intellectual property rules that interfere with this process of establishing new trends are counter-productive.

Many fashion trends are spread and popularised through the media, including magazines (e.g. Vogue), television shows, and online. Fashion blogs and TikTok videos are also a source of inspiration for many people.

The way a person dresses can express their status, nature, and attitude. For example, a boy wearing green hair and multiple piercings might be perceived as a rebel and outsider, while a girl wearing a ripped t-shirt and mini skirt might be considered more of a conformist. Clothes can even be used as a means of identification or to create distance between groups, such as when judges wear robes and soldiers wear uniforms. Fashion also reflects the culture of a country. Discoveries of exotic parts of the world can provide impetus for changes in fashion, such as when silks from Turkey became fashionable in Europe in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.

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