What Is News?


News is an expression of recent events that is published and distributed to the public. It is important to remember that news can influence the public in both positive and negative ways.

In the past, news was primarily provided through print media. But in the twentieth century, television and radio became prominent forms of news transmission. Today, the internet also plays a similar role. The Internet can be a source of news during government crackdowns.

News is an essential instrument for developing a healthy civil society. If the public is informed, it tends to know more about the policies of the government. Therefore, it is important to develop a new type of literacy to empower the news consumer.

The news agenda will be determined by the news organisation and the audience. Some of the factors that affect the selection of stories are the impact of the story, the relevance of the story to the audience, the popularity of the story, and the influence of social media.

Stories that are chosen for news coverage often include exclusives. Exclusives are stories that are available for the first time to a news organization. They can be obtained from advertisers or proprietors.

These stories can be of human interest or entertainment. Usually, they are stories that involve an extreme occurrence or a single person. They may include sex, show business, or witty headlines.

When a story is selected for news coverage, the journalist checks for objectivity and credibility. He also checks whether it will affect the reader’s opinion.

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