What is News?


News is information about recent or current events, developments and noteworthy occurrences that are perceived to be relevant, interesting or significant. News reporting adheres to journalistic principles, aiming to provide factual information objectively and concisely.

News stories often have an element of surprise, excitement or controversy attached to them. They can also be informative or educational, or they can have an opinionated or editorial approach to them. News stories are a way for businesses to keep their customers updated on what is going on in the company and its activities, which can help them build a good relationship with the customer.

Various theories of News exist, with one of the most popular being the Mirror Model, which states that news is about reflecting reality. Other models are the Organizational Model (which focuses on the influence of journalists, and other factors that determine how events are selected to become news), and the Political Model (which aims to highlight specific issues in society).

The selection of which events make the news is largely subjective and influenced by many different factors, including practical considerations such as the availability of resources and time, as well as subjective and unconscious influences on the individual journalist. These factors can vary depending on the time, place and audience of the news media, which explains why events with similar intrinsic news values may not always be given equal prominence.

The most common types of news stories include straight reporting, in-depth pieces and listicles (or ‘top ten’ lists). When writing news articles, it is important to use the most accurate and up-to-date facts when possible and to avoid overstating things. It is also important to use names accurately, avoiding abbreviations and using the full first name or initials for people – particularly in the headline.

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