What is News?


News is information about a recently changed situation or event. The main function of News is to inform, but it may also entertain. It can be delivered in many ways – newspapers, magazines, radio and television. It may be a celebrity story, an animal rescue, or an unfolding drama.

People are interested in their own lives and those of others, so stories about them make good news. If a new bug is threatening crops, it is a serious problem and is newsworthy. People are interested in what other people think – so stories about politicians, clergymen and opinion-forming events are newsworthy. An archbishop’s view on the ordaining of women to the priesthood is newsworthy because it shapes church policy.

A news article is more likely to be credible if it has multiple sources that are vetted and if its evidence lines up with the main point of the story. It is also a good idea to check if the author has presented their interpretation clearly and fairly, rather than jumping to conclusions or presenting only one side of an argument.

When writing a news article, the headline should catch readers’ attention and provide a brief overview of the main points of the story. A good news article will detail the facts of an event in chronological order. It will avoid using superlatives, such as ‘brilliant’ and ‘excellent’, and will be written in a factual, objective manner. The article should include quotations from the people involved in the story, but only if they are relevant to the news and not just for the sake of it.

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