What Is Technology?


Generally speaking, technology is the application of science, math, and art to achieve practical goals. It includes techniques, tools, and raw materials. Technology has a profound influence on society, as well as being an important tool in understanding the economy.

Technology can also refer to a new field of knowledge. It has been used to develop advanced economies and contribute to human welfare. However, technology is also used to harm individuals and groups, as well as cause pollution. Technology is also used for political oppression.

There are many different types of technology. It can be divided into fixed and flexible technologies. These technologies are related to chemistry, physics, and sociology. Some technologies are more flexible and can be used in a broader range of application areas. Others, such as DNA and gene technologies, are more specific.

Technology can also be defined as an activity that forms culture. Some people suggest that technology is a way of imitating nature. During the Bronze Age, humans discovered the wheel, which enabled them to travel farther and faster. They also discovered fire, which helped them develop language.

New technologies have profound societal and environmental ramifications. The Internet, for example, has increased communication and lowered physical barriers to communication. It has also allowed people from all over the world to share information. These developments have ushered in a knowledge economy.

Technology is a tool that businesses use to remain competitive. It helps businesses automate tasks. It also helps teachers in the classroom.

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